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Find me here. If you ever want to request anything I’ll still do it, I just don’t take time to make stuff for myself I guess.

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If you want gif requests or anything done I’m going to make my personal my new editing blog so if you’re looking for anything new, look here.

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Stiles Stilinski || Tattoo 3.01

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I wasn’t going to bring attention to this at first

but I changed my mind. I’m not some professional graphic designer, I’m not even majoring in it, I don’t have hundreds of followers to back me up or anything like that. I make these little edits and gifs for fun and when someone takes my work, edits out my watermark and ignores me when I ask for credit, it’s a little bit unnerving. It’s things like this that makes smaller gif makers like myself get frustrated and stop. I do this for people to enjoy and so they can use my gifs, sure but to take credit for them? no.

So, cupcakesandpeeta posted these two gifs that had a coloring insanely close to mine. After a closer look I realized it was mine because I made my own coloring and even tried to remake the gif to give them the benefit of the doubt and I couldn’t make it exact. I messaged them very politely asking them to credit me if they did take my gifs and just cut the watermark and got no reply at all. I even sent the message twice to make sure they got it.

These are mine:

I had several with the same exact coloring and I spent a couple hours working on them and it’s really discouraging that people do this, not only to me but to loads of other people like me. So if you like the gifs people make, don’t take credit for them because you’ll make the person who really made them want to stop or go on hiatus (like myself).

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